Disney buys Marvel – Assignment1b

Disney buys Marvel 

The companies involved were Walt Disney and Marvel. Disney is a worldwide company which has 14 subsidiaries;

•Walt Disney Pictures
•Walt Disney Animation Studios
•Walt Disney Theatrical
•Walt Disney India Ltd.
•Pixar Animation Studios
•Marvel Entertainment, LLC
•Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC
•The Muppets Studio, LLC
•ABC, Inc.
•ESPN Inc.
•A&E Television Networks, Inc
•Radio Disney
•UTV Software Communications, Ltd.

Marvel’s parent company is now Walt Disney.

What are the companies involved famous for? What are their biggest grossing films or why would people know who they are?

Walt Disney is famous for creating Mickey mouse, this was a primary symbol of the Walt Disney company. Disney’s most grossing film is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead mans chest 2006. However now Marvel has joined Disney the top is The Avengers 2012. People know who they are because Walt Disney is an global company. Disney is known for having fairytale stories which include princesses and princes. They are also known for having TV shows, animation, theme parks and also movies.

Marvel is known for its action and comics, which also include famous characters such as The incredible hulk, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder woman, Iron man, Thor and so on. Most of these characters have been turned into their own movie which are casted with A-list actors such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Later on some of these characters were all put together to make the film The Avengers.


When and why did the deal take place?

The deal happened in December 2009. It took place because Disney wanted to have full control over Marvel and expand it’s characters in TV shows and theme parks. An increase on stock and cash also played a part. Previously Marvel had been bankrupted so the buying of Marvel had been pending.

“We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation. The acquisition of Marvel offers us a similar opportunity to advance our strategy and to build a business that is stronger than the sum of its parts.”



How has the deal increased the power or influence of the company within the film industry – is there any evidence of a monopoly or oligopoly – if so please explain?

Disney had a major influence in the film industry and became more popular. Disney tends to target a younger audience whereas when Disney had bought marvel they had target an interest of young males as well. This had an increase of profit which included income to their theme parks and merchandise. It had broken down barriers that were related to Disney. There is monopoly because Disney is the parent company which is in power of smaller companies which also include marvel.

What do you think the impact will be on the other major film companies?

Other companies will have less popularity because two major film companies are coming together to make something to attract both genders and appealing to different ages groups. This is an change from just targeting a younger female audience. A lot of income will come in to the company meaning other companies will have less interest.

What are the key issues with this ownership deal find at least 3 issues- this will require you to research.

The key issues may include is that Disney may not have full ownership of certain characters in Marvel. Marvel super hero fans might be displeased because the production might be slow or no happen due to the new ownership which will disappoint those who are  waiting to see the movies.


I have learnt that within companies there are always a parent company and within that there all smaller companies which are called subsidiaries. I have also learnt there are major film companies like Disney and independent companies like Film 4 Films.

Funding and the film industry.

Product placement – They can make their money from DVDs, Magazines, theme parks and possibly video games.

Sponsorship –They can make their money by sponsorships because they do not spend their income they just sale their products.

Private investment –

Development funds –

Corporate funds –

What is meant by product placement?

Product placement is when companies pay film productions to put their product in their film for advertise meant. A film that has used product placement is Ted, they have used a number of products in their film such as Ritz biscuits ad many more, by doing this the film company will be paid for advertising.

How does product placement help films to make money?

Product placement helps films to make money because if a film company is offered to advertise a number of products they would get a high amount of income. Back to the future is a good example of a blockbuster movie that uses product placement. The film was made up of product placement it was advertising products such as Pepsi, Nike and The Texaco oil change service in Back to the future II.

Where do Independent film companies get their funding?

Independent films can get their funding through, charities, local councils, competitions and national and regional screen agencies. These could work by the local council putting in money towards a short filmmaking initiative, especially if it deals with social exclusion or helps the local community in some way.

How sponsorship deals work within the film industry?

The Warner Bros. had sponsored The Hobbit, by doing this they donated official Hobbit movie posters in support of their many activities, guest speakers, interviews and music. Sponsorship deals work by other companies offering to promote their film in some sort of way. Denny’s restaurant is also sponsoring The Hobbit by adding a menu for fans.



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